Vaping products

E-liquids and steam stones are used in electronic cigarettes and water pipes. Inhaled as an aerosol vapour, these products typically contain nicotine, flavorings and other chemicals. In the EU, products for vaping fall under the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD, 2014/40/EU), which has been transposed into national law in the Member States. Additionally, e-liquids and steam stones are subject to REACH and CLP.

Compliance of e-liquids, steam stones and others

Our scientific and regulatory compliance services for products regulated by TPD include, among others:

  • Submission of key product information on tobacco products, e-cigarettes and refill containers via the EU-CEG portal
  • Authoring, reviewing and updating of Safety Data Sheets in conformance with REACH of vaping products and their ingredients
  • Classification, labelling and packaging of e-liquids and steam stones in accordance with CLP and TPD
  • Analytical profiling of emission levels during vaporization, including nicotine, aldehydes, metals, PAHs, VOCs, particulate matter, etc.
  • Notifications and other requirements for manufactures and importers/distributors

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