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The Chemical Compliance Coach is a consultancy with expertise in the fields of physical chemistry, (eco-)toxicology and chemicals legislation. We offer scientific and regulatory assistance, helping our clients to place their product innovations on the market while maintaining compliance and reducing operational and reputational risks.


Areas of expertise

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Added value

Chemical compliance adds value to your product and gives you a competitive advantage. To ensure a high return on investment, any solution we offer is fully centred around your business case.

Top quality

With our head office in The Netherlands, we are familiar with the strictest (observance) of regulations. This is of great benefit to our clients, who know they can trust that we uphold all our projects to the same high quality standards.

No jargon

Our team members have work experience in both academia and industry, as well as a high proficiency in chemicals regulation. In our projects, we bring these worlds together, and facilitate mutual communication. Regardless of the topic, we always speak your language.

Multi-disciplinary approach

We often observe how opportunities are missed if specialised consultants are only active within their own area of expertise. The Chemical Compliance Coach distinguishes itself with a highly integrated approach to problem solving. Our team consists of driven individuals with highly compatible professional profiles, who work cooperatively on all our projects. As a result, every project builds upon the experience gained within the framework of other regulations, products and sectors.

Personal assistance

Our services are fully customised to your business needs. Our consultants speak Dutch, English and Spanish and are eager to assist you with any technical or compliance challenge you may face.

No surprises

Our projects are always based of a fixed price, and we provide a 100% guarantee for our work.

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