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Must I notify product information to the poison centre?

You must notify product information to the poison centre when the chemical mixtures you place on the market are classified as hazardous according to the criteria laid down in EU-GHS (CLP, 1272/2008/EC). In practice, this obligation applies mainly to downstream users and importers, but other operators, performing activities such as re-branding or re-packaging, may also be required to notify.

Information of products not classified as hazardous or intended only for R&D or process orientated research and development (PPORD) may be notified on a voluntary basis. Further, you do not need to notify mixtures exclusively classified as ‘gases under pressure’ or ‘explosive’.

You must keep the notified information up-to-date as long as your mixtures are placed on the market. Any changes in product identity, composition, hazard classification, labelling or otherwise must therefore be notified. After withdrawal of the product, you are no longer required to update the information. However, there is no “expiration date” and the information is expected to remain in the system.

Please note: You must notify product information in each in each Member State in which you place hazardous chemical products on the market. ECHA currently conducts a feasibility study on the creation of one central “Poison Centres Notification Portal”.