Polymers and plastics

Polymer-based materials, such as plastics, are omnipresent in our life and essential to a vast array of industries. In the EU, polymers are regulated by REACH and CLP, while product specific regulations apply to product categories such as packaging, cosmetics, medical devices and toys.

Polymer compliance

Our polymer compliance services include:


Compostability and biodegradability

Compostability and biodegradability are essential characteristics of sustainable (packaging) materials, and are certified by TÜV Austria Belgium and DIN CERTCO. We can help you to obtain the right to label your product with the Seedling mark of European bioplastics, and can assist you with:

  • Analytical material profiling
  • Management of certification process in accordance with EN 13432 / EN 14995
  • Material test plans and study monitoring:
    • Compostability (ISO 20200 / ISO 16929)
    • Biodegradability (e.g. ISO 14855 / ASTM D 5338 / EN 14046 / ISO 17556/ ISO 11266 / ISO 14851 / ISO 14852 / ISO 9408 / EN 29408 / ASTM D 5271 / OECD 301 / OECD 302)
    • Compost toxicity (OECD 208 / EN 13432)


Recycling and recovery

Substances recycled in the EU are exempted from REACH registration where they are the same as the initial, REACH registered substance and the SDS for the REACH registered substance is available. We can help you determine whether your recycled or recovered substance meets the requirements, and offer the following services:

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