SDS checklist – downstream user workshop

A diverse group of participants was guided successfully through the complex and difficult matter.
– John Kramer
Director at WAYS Europe

Learn how to read supplier Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), perform basic quality checks and identify which risk measures and/or exposure scenarios are applicable to your activities.


Who should attend?

This practical workshop is intended for product formulators and professional users who are unsure of what to do with the information provided on their suppliers’ SDSs. No prior knowledge of chemicals regulation is required.


What topics are covered in the workshop?

SDS checklist – downstream user workshop is centred on your specific REACH responsibilities as a downstream user. You will be familiarised with the various SDS sections and (toxicological) jargon as well as some basic indicators of SDS quality. After completion you will be able to verify whether your supplier’s SDSs are of good quality and ask your supplier the right questions where they are not. Further, this workshop will provide you with a basic plan-of-action to assess whether your organisation has implemented the required risk measures to operate in compliance with REACH.


Workshop details

We offer SDS checklist – downstream user workshop in English, Dutch and Spanish. This workshop can be organised on your location, in our office, or online via HD video conferencing. Please contact us for more information and pricing.