Detergents encompass a varied group of washing and cleaning products, essential to industry as well as professionals and consumers. In the EU, detergents are regulated by the Regulation on Detergents, CLP and REACH. Where a product contains one or more biocidal active substance(s), it may further categorise as a biocidal product or a treated article.

Detergents regulation

The Chemical Compliance Coach can help you to meet the requirements of Regulation 648/2004/EC, including:

  • Product labelling
  • Nomenclature of preservation agents and fragrance allergens
  • Compiling of ingredient data sheet
  • Testing of ultimate biodegradability (mineralisation) of surfactants
  • (Environmental) risk assessment for surfactants


CLP services

Like other chemical mixtures, detergents are covered by the CLP regulation. Our CLP services include:

  • Product classification
  • Application of bridging principles
  • Determination of CLP labelling and packaging requirements
  • Product (re)formulation: identification of relevant concentration limits
  • Poison Centre notification


REACH services for formulators

Are you a product formulator, re-filler or professional end user of detergents? Then you are a REACH downstream user. Our downstream user services include: