What is an exposure scenario?

Exposure scenarios (ESs) are prepared as part of a chemical safety report (CSR), generally in the context of REACH registration. They are included in the substance registration dossier, as well as annexed to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of the hazardous substance (or the formulated product containing the substance).

Exposure scenarios that are communicated down the supply chain must be relevant for the receiving downstream users (DUs) and provide them with sufficient and adequate information to ensure that they can fulfil their DU obligations under REACH and other legislation (e.g. worker health and safety, control of environmental emissions, consumer product safety). The key information that an ES for communication should contain is:

  • The uses and types of activities that the exposure scenario covers;
  • The operational conditions (OC) and Risk Management Measures (RMM) that were assumed by the registrant when assessing the risk; and
  • Advice for safe use of the substance, addressing the different activities during a use.