How must I label my cleaning product?

Cleaning products must be classified and labelled in accordance with the CLP Regulation (1272/2008/EC). Further, the labelling of cleaning products is covered by the Detergents Regulation (648/2004/EC). The following label elements are obligatory:

  1. The product (trade) name;
  2. The (trade) name or trademark, full address and telephone number of the party responsible for placing the product on the market;
  3. The (web) address, and, -where available- the address, email address, and telephone number from which the Ingredient Data Sheet can be obtained;
  4. A specific selection of product ingredients (e.g. phosphates, surfactants and perfumes);
  5. Instructions for use and -where applicable- special precautions;
  6. If the product is a consumer laundry detergent or a consumer automatic dishwasher detergent, the relevant dosage information must be provided.

If your cleaning product is intended for industrial or institutional use, and is not made available to the general public, you do not have to label the product with (3), (4) and (6), as long as the equivalent information is provided by other means (e.g. via the Safety Data Sheet). The A.I.S.E. Guidelines on the implementation of the Detergents Regulation (v.1., November 2017) further specifies: Professional/Institutional products that can go through wholesales for professionals (e.g. Cash & Carry), should be considered as Institutional/Industrial and this should be reinforced by writing on the label “For professional use only”. Manufacturers must however be alert in those cases where these products can end up in the hands of the general public (for instance in those countries where access to Cash & Carry is open to non-professionals). In those cases, manufacturers shall include additional information on the label to ensure appropriate consumer protection.”