How must I communicate dosage information?

For consumer automatic dishwasher detergents, the label must indicate:

  • the standard dosage expressed in grams or ml or number of tablets for the main washing cycle for normally soiled tableware in a fully loaded 12 place settings dishwasher, making provisions, where relevant, for soft, medium, and hard water hardness.

For consumer laundry detergents, the label must indicate:

  • the recommended quantities and/or dosage instructions expressed in millilitres or grams appropriate to a standard washing machine load, for soft, medium and hard water hardness levels and making provision for one or two cycle washing processes;
  • for heavy-duty detergents, the number of standard washing machine loads of “normally soiled” fabrics, and, for detergents for delicate fabrics, the number of standard washing machine loads of lightly-soiled fabrics, that can be washed with the contents of the package using water of medium hardness, corresponding to 2.5 millimoles CaCO3/l;
  • the capacity of any measuring cup, if provided, shall be indicated in millilitres or grams, and markings shall be provided to indicate the dose of detergent appropriate for a standard washing machine load for soft, medium and water hardness levels.

Please note: the standard washing machine loads are 4,5 kg dry fabric for heavy-duty detergents and 2,5 kg dry fabric for light-duty detergents in line with the definitions of Commission Decision 1999/476/EC of 10 June 1999 establishing the Ecological Criteria for the award of the Community eco-label to Laundry Detergents. A detergent shall be considered to be a heavy-duty detergent unless the claims of the manufacturer predominantly promotes fabric care i.e. low temperature wash, delicate fibres and colours.