What is Poison Centre Notification?

Under Article 45 of EU-GHS (CLP, 1272/2008/EC), companies placing hazardous mixtures on the market have to notify product information to so-called ‘poison control centres’.

The product information is treated confidentially, and exclusively used by the poison centres to inform medical personnel (physicians, veterinarians, pharmacists) about symptoms and treatment of accidental intoxications with the products. According to the website of ECHA, European poison centres answer circa 600 000 calls for support per year. Roughly half of the cases are related to accidental exposures involving children.

Most manufactures and importers of hazardous chemicals in Europe are aware of their obligation to classify, label and package their products in accordance with CLP. But many of them are not yet aware of their obligation to notify product information of their hazardous mixtures. If you have not yet notified product information for your hazardous mixtures, it is advised to do this as soon as possible.