Must I notify my article to the SCIP database?

You must notify your article(s) to the SCIP database if you are:

  • an EU article producer and/or assembler
  • an EU article importer
  • an EU distributor of articles or other actor who place articles on the market – however, retailers (and other supply chain actors supplying articles directly to consumers) are not obliged to provide information to ECHA





Please note: the information to be submitted to the SCIP database must already be communicated throughout the supply chain under REACH Article 33(1). The SCIP database therefore complements rather than replaces the existing communication and notification obligations for SVHCs in articles under Articles 33 and 7(2) of REACH.


Need assistance?

The Chemical Compliance Coach can help you to scan your products for substances on the Candidate List. Where necessary, we can assist you with your REACH or SCIP notification obligations. Contact us for more information.